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My Brain On Fire: Paris and Other Obsessions

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Chapter 1

Early Misery, Later Salvation

Chapter 2

Breaking Away

Chapter 3

Paris at Last

Chapter 4

Louis’s High Heels

Chapter 5

Pursuing the Dance

Chapter 6

The Fabulous Garden of the Palais Royal

Chapter 7

The English Lesson

Chapter 8

Richard’s Turtle

Chapter 9

Thrown Out of the Café

Chapter 10

The Spectacular Rise and Ignominious Fall of Napoleon III

Chapter 11

My Dinner with Simson

Chapter 12

Oceans of Black Ink

Chapter 13

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Chapter 14

Life After Paris

Chapter 15

Seeing the Patterns

Chapter 16

Chasing That Thought

Chapter 17


Chapter 18

Writing Paris

Chapter 19

The Future of Paris, Uh-oh

Chapter 20

The Key to a Brilliant Paris Future

Chapter 21

The Origins of the Aesthetic of Modern Architecture

Chapter 22

Dissociation in Architecture

Chapter 23

Back to School For Me

Chapter 24

A Family Portrait

Chapter 25

Surprised by Love

Chapter 26

The One Thing Missing From Our Beautiful Life

Chapter 27

How Can I Forget, Chocolate

Chapter 28

And in the End

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