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Walk 1: Paris and Chocolate

This walk combines Paris history plus visits to three of Paris's premium artisanal chocolate houses. We begin on the grounds of the Louvre and look at how the creation of the Louvre as we know it resulted from a tragic accident. Then we walk to the garden of the Palais Royal to see how one man's debauchery lead to the creation of that great architectural gem, the covered passageway. Then we walk through the passages Vivienne and Colbert, up  Rue Vivienne with a stop at our first chocolatier Debauve and Gallais on our way to the network of passages, des Panoramas,  Jouffroy, and Verdeaux.

We exit the passages and make our second chocolate stop at the delightful La Mere de la Famille. A short bus ride to place de l'Opera takes us into the making of modern Paris and the history of the Grands Boulevards, a short stretch of road that for much of the 19th century was the center of the civilized world. We will also revisit a little known bit of Paris history, Leonard's ejection from the classy Café de la Paix in the 1960s.

A short stroll down the boulevard takes us to our last chocolate stop at La Maison du Chocolate. We end this tour with two great views. On one side of the boulevard is the  building that gave birth to the cinema - the spot where the first film was projected for a paying audience. And across the street, the atelier with its huge skylight still plainly visible, where the first exhibition of Impressionistic painting was took place in 1876. To finish, we repair to a cafe where we taste, compare, and above all enjoy our chocolate purchases.  See:


Walks Photo

À la Mère de Famille, 35 rue du Faubourg Montmartre

Walks Photo

Passage Vivienne.

Walks Photo

Debauve and Gallais, 33 rue Vivienne

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