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My Brain on Fire

A review of My Brain On Fire in of all places, The Jakarta Post. That’s Jakarta, as in Indonesia.

Walks Through Lost Paris

"Leonard is completely legitimate, he's impregnated with Paris. He sees things that we don't see."
     -Le Figaro

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Paris: Un voyage dans le temps

published by Counterpoint.

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"For many years they were taken for granted, but to author and collector Leonard Pitt, vintage, hand-painted French postcards from the late 19th and early 20th centuries are nothing less than "little works of art." More than this, they also serve as historical documents. In this gorgeous collection, Pitt has chosen postcards that show readers a Paris that no longer exists. In his fascinating introduction, he discusses the birth of the postcard. The postcard, he writes, "revolutionized communication and created the first form of social networking equivalent to today's e-mail." (But, of course, at a much slower pace.) Each postcard is accompanied by informative captions. Pitt also includes sample postcards from American visitors to Paris writing to loved ones back home. The images here are often famous (the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Moulin Rouge) and majestic (Paris' grand boulevards), but there also are plenty of examples of ordinary Parisians going about their business. It's an utterly charming collection that captures a moment in time."
     -Chicago Tribune

Paris a journey through time

published by Counterpoint

"With the minutiae of an archeologist, [Pitt]  reveals the history of the City's transformation . . . old Paris comes to life under our eyes."
     -Les Echos

"An astonishing voyage through Paris."

"This is the work of a goldsmith."
     -Paris Capital

"This American of Paris, artist and inveterate seeker, is not made like common mortals . . . He is an archeologist, but of the eyes. He pokes around, rummages through every nook and cranny, in passageways, courtyards and hidden facades. Showing us what we no longer see because our personal and collective memories have done their job of forgetting, this is what this quirky kind of Parisian loves doing."
     -Detours en France

A Small Moment of Great Illumination

published by Shoemaker and Hoard

"It's all endlessly fascinating and great fun, full of literary intrigue and unexpected pleasures."
     -June Sawyers © American Library

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